RUBBERALL® Seam Tape is a black, EPDM rubber based product in tape form developed for splicing sheets of RUBBERALL® membrane roofing together. It has been formulated to provide high initial strength in both sheer and peel. Its overall performance over the full range of rooftop weather is unsurpassed. It is unaffected by heat or cold. It is easily applied, offers significant labor savings, and avoids the solvent hazards of contact cements.

Suggested Uses:
RUBBERALL® Seam Tape is specifically developed for use with RUBBERALL® membrane roofing. However, it also adheres well to most types of membrane roofing, as well as to other construction materials such as galvanized metal, painted steel, and aluminum.

RUBBERALL® Seam Tape is produced in rolls of 25' in length with a nominal thickness of 0.035 inches.
Widths Available: 7 Inches
Typical Performance: (Test Temperatures, 70°F)
Peel, pli 5
Shear, psi 15

Product Benefits:

Typical Physical Properties **

Base Polymer:




Cure State:


Tensile Strength:

50 psi minimum


800 % minimum

Brittleness Temperature:

Below -50'F

Specific Gravity


Solids Content:

98% minimum


0.6 perm-mils

** Typical Values: (Based on material tested in our laboratories but variable from sample to sample.)Typical Values should not be construed as a guaranteed analysis of any specific lot or as specification items.

Application Instructions:
Surface to be bonded shall be clean and dry, for maximum performance must be cleaned first with RUBBERALL® Membrane Cleaner, and primed with RUBBERALL® Seam Tape Primer. Apply seam tape primer with scrub pads. RUBBERALL® Uncured Flashing Patch should be used at all T-Joints intersections. Overlap from one roll onto another must be at least one inch. Roll entire lap using steel hand roller for 100% adhesion.

RUBBERALL® Seam Tapes contain ingredients that could be harmful if mishandled. Contact with eyes and skin should be avoided and protective equipment and clothing should be worn.

Recommended Storage:
RUBBERALL® Seam Tape is a cured material and will not degrade in normal warehouse storage. In time, the release paper may become difficult to remove. For this reason, the recommended shelf life is 12 months. ROTATE STOCK.