RUBBERALL® Solvent Based Bonding Adhesive is a general purpose synthetic rubber adhesive for roll coating application. Bonding adhesive has a long tack time, and the bond is resistant to aging, heat, cold, water and gas.

Suggested Uses:
To adhere RUBBERALL® to insulation board (except polystyrene), plywood, OSB (Oriented Strand Board), one-half inch (1/2") high density wood fiber board, and concrete.

Physical Characteristics:
1. Excellent resistance to aging.
2. Good resistance to heat, color, and water.
3. 60 square feet/gallon adhesive film coverage can be expected.

Typical Physical Properties:






Acetone, Textile Spirits, Toluol and Xytol


24.5% + 4%


2300-2700 Centipoises, RVF Brookfield, No. 3 Spindle, @ 10 RPM


7.05 Pound-Nominal

Specific Gravity:


Shelf Life:

1 year when stored at temperature no higher than 90°F in unopened containers.

Preparation of Substrates:
Ideally solvent cleaning and roughing of sheet stock is recommended, but good results can be obtained by wiping the talc off the rubber with a brush or cloth. Best results are obtained with solvent washed stock to clean, dry, cement, wood, or metal. Approved cleaning solvents include Heptane, Hexane, or white gas.

Application Instructions:
Apply bonding adhesive by rolling to clean, dry, grease free surfaces. Both surfaces to be bonded must be coated with the bonding adhesive. An open time of five to sixty minutes is recommended before assembly depending on ambient conditions. The adhesive should be allowed to dry until it does not stick to a dry finger touch.

Post Application Clean-Up:

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Toluene is excellent for post application clean-up.