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Rubber to Rubber AdhesiveDescription:
RUBBERALL® Rubber to Rubber Adhesive is a synthetic based polymer adhesive is specifically tailored to adhere EPDM sheet roofing stock to itself. Rubber to Rubber adhesive has a long tack time, and the bond is resistant to aging, heat, cold, water, and gas.

Suggested Uses:
Specifically tailored to adhere EPDM sheet roofing stock to itself.

Typical Physical Properties:


Synthetic Polymers




Hexane, Toluene, Xylene


26% minimum


2900-3700 Centipoises, RVF #3 Spindle @ 10 RPM

Weight / gal:

7.35 lb. – Nominal

Specific Gravity:

.876 – Nominal

Flash Point:

0°F (-17.8° C)

Volatile Organic Compound (V.O.C.) Content:

5.13 lb / gal (615 g/L)

Shelf Life

1 year when stored at temperature no higher than 90°F in unopened containers.


Store in unopened containers at temperatures between 60°F and 80°F until ready to use. During hot weather do not expose to sunlight/elevated temperature until use. Rotate stock.

Preparation of Substrates:
Clean the dry mating surfaces using a clean cotton cloth with RUBBERALL® Membrane Cleaner. Allow to dry. More attention should be given to cleaning the areas at factory seams. Cotton cloths must be discarded as they become dirty and replace with clean ones to assure proper cleaning. Proper cleaning has been achieved with the membrane surface is dark gray in color and no streaking is evident.

For added bond strength it is recommended that RUBBERALL® Seam Tape Primer Plus be applied with a RUBBERALL® scrub pad in place of the RUBBERALL® membrane cleaner. In this case membrane cleaner need not be used unless the membrane is excessively dirty for covered with talc.

Application Instructions:
Using solvent impervious gloves and goggles, thoroughly stir the Rubber to Rubber Adhesive to achieve a uniform mix with no sediment on the bottom and no marbling evident before and during use. DO NOT THIN. Apply an even coat to each bonding surface avoiding globs and puddles. Adhesive may be applied by brush or roller to clean, dry, grease free surfaces. Allow the solvents in the adhesive to flash off. An open time of 30 minutes or less is recommended before assembly of the seam, depending on ambient conditions. The adhesive should be allowed to dry until it does not stick to a dry finger touch, then mate the surfaces by allowing the top sheet to fall freely onto the bottom sheet so as not to stretch or wrinkle the membrane. Apply pressure to completely mate the two surfaces. Roll the entire lapped seam with the RUBBERALL® Hand Roller.

Coverage Rate:
For 4” seam, assuming a 5” substrate application on each surface, coverage is approximately 120 LF per gallon of finished seam. For rubber-to-rubber flashing, coverage is 50 to 60 sq. ft. finished surface per gallon when applying adhesive to both membrane surfaces.

Safety Precautions:

  1. Flammable. Keep away from fire and open flames. Do not smoke when using.
  2. Red caution labels required when shipping.
  3. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Gloves should be worn (OSHA approved)
  4. Use only in well ventilated areas.
  5. Do not contaminate with foreign materials
  6. Review Material Safety Data Sheet prior to use.
  7. Cover can when not in use.
  8. When exposed to lower temperatures, restore to room temperature prior to use.
  9. Thinning is not allowed.

This sheet is meant only to highlight RUBBERALL® products and specifications. Information is subject to change.

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